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I did my laundry the other day. I was sitting in the sun by the windows and reading a book about a great painter. Suddenly a woman walked up to me, "a witch!" I thought. She was crazy looking. She had only a few brown teeth that were caked with black bits. She had a big craggy nose and tiny painted eyebrows that went way up high on her forehead. She had long scraggly hair and she wore patched up dingy blue jeans and a greasy blue jacket. Around her neck was a long string of colorful beads that hung down over her bloated belly. She started talking to me really soft and fast, asking me for money. She said she was pregnant which seemed impossible because she looked at least 70 years old. I gave her a dollar hoping she would go away because she scared me. Then she saw my big book and asked who de Kooning was, " an artist," I said " a painter."
"Oh" she said, " we were all artists in my generation. But then there wasn't enough room so all us girls became artist and the boys became... musicians." She said with a disgust.
"Oh," I said, hoping that would be the end of it. But she kept right on talking. She told me about being in jail with her sister and other bad places and a lot of sad things that happened to her. I looked right into her eyes then. I saw a light, a beautiful light coming out of her brown eyes, that were all surrounded by saddness. Then she didn't scare me any more so I listened some more. Then I thought maybe my laundry was almost done rolling around the hot dryer, so I stood up to go check it and I said goodbye to the nice old pregnant lady with a few brown teeth and bright eyes.